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-Let me go to bat FOR YOU!

"I've been a client of Jerry's for many years. Recently I was involved in an accident, not my fault. I was trying to collect the damages for my vehicle and the other company was giving me the runaround. Jerry got on the phone and was able to get other companies adjustor to finally take responsibility and settle my claim. Jerry really did "go to bat" for me."

Maria O. from Tucson, AZ




1. It's Your Life.

There is no better time than right now to take control of your future welfare. That means understanding exactly what protection you need and why, BEFORE you need it! Most people really don't think much about insurance until they have to file a claim. Then they hope they are properly covered. We take the time to clearly explain exactly how to best protect yourself in the most cost-effective manner.

2. It's ALL about YOU!

The next step is to determine exactly what your present needs are with a thoughtful eye on the future. This is where our Team really shines. We take the time to find out about You and design your personalized Winning Game Plan. We feel that this is so important, that we provide this invaulable service for you whether you become a client of ours or not! Our goal first and foremost is to see that you have the proper protection that you and your family needs. We find that most people enjoy this type of personalized service, and join our Team.

3. Peace of mind.

That is what a winning the insurance game is all about. Knowing that no matter what happens, you are as well prepared to deal with it as you can be. Because as we all know ... Stuff Happens. When it does, we will be there at your side to help you handle it as quickly and professionally as possible. With the least amount of hassles.

And since your life changes over time, we will be there to Review and Revise your plan on a regular basis. We grow with you.


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